Logo Design & Branding

We’ll create custom tailored unique Logo & Branding story for your business.

Logo Design Service

We are a Dubai based branding and marketing agency creating stunning logos and branding you won’t find anywhere else.We believe in an entirely custom approach; we don’t use templates and everything is created from scratch and starts with a briefing session with the client.You need your unique branding because:

  • It makes your brand more memorable.
  • It provides consistency.
  • It portrays a professional image of your brand.
  • Brings return on investment for you.

Our Process

Great websites add great values to your business. From wire-framing toPSD designing, we do it all.

The Brief

Every design starts with a brief. To ensure that 1Hashtag designs your logo in the exact way that you require,  we ask a series of different questions about the things you like (and don’t like!), who your competitors are and any further information about the business that will help us better understand the nature of what you do and the business audience.

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Once we have all the information in place, 1Hashtag will go away and research your business landscape. We also take inspiration from everywhere and with your help, arrive at a point that we can start to get ideas down on paper.All the logo designs from 1Hashtag start with a pencil and paper.We sketch out ideas and concepts for your logo to create something unique.

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We don’t just draw!Typography and the use of type in your design is very important. Depending upon the client, the business and the style we are trying to convey, 1Hashtag will either hand draw, create from scratch or look for a typeface that best suits the business.We present all of these different variations as part of the review process.

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So usually at this stage, we have shortlisted with our client 2-3 concepts that they really like and we begin the color studies.The client might have a preferred color they wish to use in the design, but more often than not, we provide a range of contemporary color palettes that work for your logo design, but can then be applied in future brand development work across all your marketing communications.

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Finalize & Delivery

Phew – we’re almost there! The clients have chosen their favorite logo, the typeface and the favorite palette and we may have even tweaked the final design a few times, just to polish it as much as possible.1Hashtag will then export out the design in lots of different file formats for use in print, presentations, documents.

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